Nicole’s Book

For more than a decade, Nicole Daedone has been leading the “slow sex movement,” which is devoted to the art and craft of the female orgasm. OM is the act of slowing down, tuning in, and experiencing a deeper spiritual and physical connection during sex. Slow Sex reveals the philosophy and techniques of OM and includes a step-by-step, ten-day OM starter program, as well as OM secrets for achieving ultimate satisfaction. This book is the argument for daily intimacy, and for paying attention as the foundation of pleasure, all with a focus on the female experience.

Upcoming Books

The Sutras
This is the foundational philosophy. All the other books will be based on this foundation. We will lay out the problem, which is tumescence. The precepts that give the ethical guidelines for the path. The spiritual path itself through principles, practice, application, and expression. Going through this path takes you from fixed and repressed all the way to love based service.

The Orgasm State
This book is the procedural foundation. It will be three parts: philosophy, science and practice all supported with narrative from Nicole Daedone. Establishes the basics of Orgasm as a spiritual “ethos” rather than a purely physical event, using a more everyday language as a vehicle. Here we accomplish three things: 1) we lay out the basic philosophy, 1a) in particular how orgasmic states allow access to non-dual states of consciousness and why this makes orgasm a spiritual state, and 1b) the ethics that would surround the use of this state 2) we lay out the science supporting our assertions 3) we present Orgasmic Meditation as the practice that best trains the mind for the ethos we are talking about.

Nicole Daedone Memoir
This memoir is a wild ride through the life and times of one the most unique women in America. It is a book about power in its various guises–sexual, political and spiritual. Molested as a child, Nicole went on to turn that “poison into medicine”, using the experience to develop what would become a complex vision of the role Eros plays in our lives. She lived in an acid house, tripping on LSD for the better part of a year and became involved in communal experiments in sexuality through the 1990’s, learning orgasmic meditation (OM) which she used as the basis of OneTaste, formed in 2004, a business that combined health, sexuality and mindfulness. OneTaste grew for over a decade before Nicole partially detached from it. Then in 2018, the shit hit the fan. Articles in major magazines sullied Nicole’s reputation and portrayed OneTaste as an exploitive cult. Nicole was devastated and decamped to Bali to finally write out the psychological-spiritual basis of OM in the Sutras and work on the memoir.

Original, impassioned, revealing, erotic, indelible, poetic–Nicole’s memoir not only has the potential to be a stunning contribution to American literature–it points us toward an emerging spirituality that embraces the totality of who we are.

Unconditional Sex
This book shows what is possible for women. This is an aspirational book, in the sense that women’s sexuality can be something akin to a spiritual discipline. That women’s sexuality, when truly engaged with, matures beyond something to be protected or something that is used for barter, but rather, into a vehicle for increasing your own complexity and that of others. It also shows that it is possible to do this even with the rampant cultural obstacles.