Nicole Daedone


July 26, 2023

Woman: The Uncomfortable Truth

Woman: The Uncomfortable Truth introduces Call, a powerful phenomenon that, until now, has gone almost entirely unrecognized. Akin to the estrus signal, and in concert with the limbic system—the part of the brain that governs our emotions—it is what allows a woman to draw others to her and move the world.

Sure to shake the halls of women’s studies, Woman cites that, contrary to conventional wisdom, women have never been and never will be the weaker sex. It starts with a radical premise: Women have inestimable power.

Woman walks the historical halls of feminism, reengaging with its greatest thinkers and disproving the fallacy both explicit and implicit that women are fragile. In fact, not only does woman have power; it is inseparable from her sex. Her creativity and her connection are functions of her Erotic impulse, and when she connects to that, she is unstoppable.

Power resides within; force, on the other hand, must act against something. Men connect to the outside world through force; women through their draw, their call.

Ultimately, Woman provides the blueprint for a brave new world where feminine power—the act of coming together in relationship and rising into connected creativity and dynamism—is at work. Woman will lift the blinding smog created by blocked emotion and energy, not only from individuals but from the world as a whole, and stitch it all back together with love.

On a practical level, Daedone describes the ways in which women create our reality and offers a very different interpretation of woman’s qualities. She recounts her own journey as the founder of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) practices in the United States and the difficulties she faced working with the Erotic, as well as the latest studies of OM and the brain and the massive benefits of a regular OM practice.


The Age of Eros is a manifesto, a guide, to the coming of an era. This is a woman’s way.

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The Age of Eros is a manifesto, a guide, to the coming of an era. This is a woman’s way.