My Writing

The Treaty of The Feral Dog

I begin to feel that shape and tenor of the inner critic. She occurs like a metal band, with teeth around the edges, wrapped around the neck of desire. The way they do to the feral dogs of Tijuana. Skittish dog sees nothing. From behind comes the metal loop. The cord is pulled and it …Read the full article

Spanish Harlem

I never told you what it was like—there in Spanish Harlem early summer sweat hot rain. Sitting around the table with the strangers that are your friends, the drops falling from the outdoor umbrella drenching my back. The sculptor, Italian and a bit too obvious in his script, leaving little room for me to improvise …Read the full article

Please, You are Hungry Eat

We ended up at the vegan restaurant That could double as an internment camp for the beast inside each person’s soul The women empty eyed and curveless Victorious Over the sex that would give them some love fat to live off of Talk faster and louder Attempting to cover the howl of their hungry dog …Read the full article


Perhaps I should confess. Sitting across from each woman – I am in silent prayer. Please God, let it be that she is totally, utterly, completely consumed. By something. Anything. Okay, maybe not sugar or shopping. But let it be that this woman in front of me – this intelligent, put together, gorgeous woman finds …Read the full article

I Got Information

“If you love me fuck me like you hate me” Anonymous Because I’ve lived a greater portion of my life off the rails, I use Facebook as a barometer of normalcy as in, “Oh yes, this is how normal people see the world.” Like an archeologist discovering a great treasure, I am delighted to uncover …Read the full article

Black Orchid

Black orchids are a symbol of power and absolute authority. It is generally known that black is an imposing color, symbolizing authority and submission and, combined with the luxurious beauty of the orchid, the black orchid came to symbolize great power. Although it is thought of as having dark connotations, the black orchid is a …Read the full article

You Can Have Him As You Want Him

To be honest, I don’t even know that I could fall in love at this point. Not because I am the least cynical (well maybe in the least), but more because my feet have, through love, become firmly planted on the ground. There is no place to fall from. Or to. Essentially, there is only …Read the full article