The Stripper Manifesto

This is for the stripper

the erotic artist

the lady for burlesque

the escort

the ho.

The OnlyFans high, and the streetwalker low

The backseat Betty

and back alley trick.

The girl who makes calls,

and the working girl

who’s anything but a girl.

This is for you, ancient harlot

and sweet British tart.

You who define a professional.

Dear woman of ill repute.

Our lady of divine pleasure.

Our puta in a red skirt.

And for the women of Place Pigalle, the fille de joie.

And at the very edge, our lady boys whom we dare include.

To each of you, full of grace

You are the blessed and divine

Your womb is blessed, as is your peach.

Dearest ho, mother of all

Forgive us that we know not from whence and from what we come from

May you have mercy over those who’d look upon you with scorn

As we know that you are the sole force who can tame those difficult to subdue.

You are the actual nobility,

the bodhisattva,

both the doctor and the medicine,

you’re the dangerous beauty,

the self-starter,

the entrepreneur,

the woman who owns her own body, her wealth, her space.

Their dollars are tithes the world is too scared to admit but the worship is there even as they cast their eyes in shame

It is your radiance, your light we all know they want—the men want to fuck you til they own you and, if they can’t, they fight you with religion.

The women, the wives who bear no fruit for their husbands, hate the juice that squirts from your plum.

A world ignorant, dumb to their own detriment of how to have the highest in their presence

Forgive them dear stripper for they know not how to bow

They know not whom they shun

Forgive us mother OnlyFans

Not realizing this is church and we are the blessed ones

They’ve no idea, do they how you shift to the shape of honey to pour like salve over the wounds of men, the artistry, the mastery of each move, each slink, each caress each crawl

That this is the most high, the original ritual that births all light

You’re the artist

They the whores, the ones who sell their souls to fit in

While you make the world bigger so that all can enter

Spread them, open them

The queen who can take all in

Forgive them dear stripper for their superiority sins

Let’s take back the name

Let’s take back the night

Restore the meaning back to the light

It was once Qadosh, holy one, queen when fertility cult trumped religion

Looking for the secret to life?

Nah, you know you ARE the secret to life. you already turned the key in the lock of your sexuality, and you have the power.


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