I Believe

1. I believe that there is an innate and unique genius within each human being and that our vocation in life is to liberate and work with this energy in such a way that we live in a state of co-creation with it.

2. I believe that a life spent in any other endeavor is not a life. That a life of miserable failure in this effort, with only one drop of fruition, justifies every effort made. That fruition from this place is like a black hole where a single teaspoon is too heavy to lift.

3. I believe that you can and must use everything, that nature nods toward efficiency and asks us to use and transmute what we would otherwise discard—that within the poison of greed, hatred, delusion, jealousy, rage, and addiction—lies the medicine that would heal and make whole.

4. I believe that it is only when we can perceive synthesis and wholeness that we can know intimacy with our lives. And only then can we know that intimacy is the elixir of life, the philosopher’s stone of becoming one with. Intimacy opens every door including the door of the heart, both ours and others.

5. I believe we have bi-directional hearts in a world that perceives only unidirectionally; that from this comes all suffering. We yearn equally to send and receive love, gifts, and attention and that developing our capacity to do so at the same time confers a sense of eternity, merging, and connection with the whole of life.

6. I believe that it is our work to deep dive into illusion and disillusionment, to dissolve the illusions that have us believe that suffering is pleasure and that pleasure is suffering, adjusting our actions in accord with the deeper truths.

7. I believe that until you know—as a dancer knows in their bones what it means to dance—both intuitive and from much work your value, your unique song, all of your actions will eventually lead to suffering.

8. I believe that when you place value at the center of your awareness, reality can organize around it in a way where truth protects you rather than threatens you, risk liberates you rather than frightens you, and the natural expression that would be your salvation rather that the propriety that would be your destruction becomes the natural state benefiting sentient life around you.

9. I believe that life is an endless series of obstacles that can be perceived as problems or aspects of a game that make it compelling and fascinating—that the game will continue with or without you playing.  You only have the option of accepting the truth and playing, or denying it and guaranteeing loss. But the truth remains, no matter how you deny it and the game continues.

10. I believe that there is nothing more interesting, rich, or fulfilling than learning to transmute obstacles, that this is what determines who we are at the level of essence and how we express at every level as a result.

11. I believe that there is a wealth that extends far beyond the bounds of material reality. When you discover this wealth, you find a natural joy in this here, now, and you are free. We start at free and build from there, rather than trying to find freedom through the material reality. At the same time, we aim for it there as well. We transform ourselves to transform the world. The resolution of all is the resolution of opposites, the thesis and antithesis that births synthesis.

12. I believe that when there is union between between masculine and feminine this births the One. When the interior informs the exterior, when above bows to below, when the masculine is incorporated into the feminine and the feminine into the masculine there is a place beyond right doing and wrong doing that you are permitted entry into.

13. I believe that you can develop a dimension of vision that can see through appearances into the nature of truth but that what you see may be painful as it is very different from what we call reality.

14. I believe that our work in this life is to draw back our projections and to eat our shadow. When we do this we free the entire world of our conceptions.

15. I believe that meeked is what it is to have a wild horse well trained to its master. The master is our own creative soul, and that the meek inheriting the earth is all of life being yoked to the truths of the soul rather than the ideas of the mind. That when this happens, all prejudice, bias, separation, hatred, and damage to the earth will self-resolve. Each will recognize the meaning and responsibility that lies in the expression that we were all created equal. Our work is to be the living expression of this truth. This means living into our inherent brilliance.

16. I believe that tumescence must be yoked to eat what it truly wants—the creative force of eros—lest it run rampant and unconsciously through our lives, feeding instead on powerlessness and reactivity. It is only through this disciplined adherence to the path of the artist do we learn the rules enough to be skillful in breaking them. 

17. I believe that the main process of mastery is not learning something new but unlearning something old—patterns and habits that hinder us from being spontaneous, dynamic, erotic conduits.

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