The Eros Sutras, V4: Relationship

The Eros Sutras, Volume 4: Relationship brings the exploration of Eros into the realm of connection with others. This profound series of Sutras allows for transformative work in relationships, exploring friendships, lovers, partners, and even those who appear to be enemies.  

This fourth volume provides an alternative to conventional notions of love, sexuality, and relationships. Insightful definitions and practices of Eros serve as a roadmap to navigate the complexities of human interaction, encouraging readers to embrace vulnerability, authenticity, and the raw power of their Erotic selves.

This volume  dives into the dynamic interactions between the masculine and the feminine. Whether seeking new depths of intimacy in relationships, understanding the nuances of Erotic energy, or accessing the untapped potential within, this fourth volume of The Eros Sutras offers the tools and wisdom to embark on life-changing work. More connection, vibrancy, and fulfillment can follow.

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