The Eros Sutras, V2: Tumescence

The Eros Sutras comprise a collection of works that introduce and guide readers toward their natural and Erotic expression of perfection, connection, flourishing, and power. In this second volume, we explore tumescence, which acts alternately as an obstacle thwarting the innate experience of life or may be repurposed as fuel in becoming the complex, integrated, and powerful individual we are meant to be.  

The Eros Sutras, Volume 2: Tumescence traces the source of what appears as a broad array of maladies and unease back to a single, identifiable source. Tumescence develops when we do not fully digest an experience we have had. A restriction in the free flow of Eros results in  myriad expressions of unease and disconnection, which are so often misunderstood or pathologized as “trauma.” This volume of The Eros Sutras introduces a radically new perspective, guiding the process by which active attention is used to convert tumescence into power and our unique expression of Eros. These Sutras allow the reader to delve into the sensations, emotions, and experiences that arise when we experience tumescence, and convert something seemingly toxic into fuel for change and growth.  

This is the second of five volumes of The Eros Sutras.

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