The Art of Soulmaking

The Art of Soulmaking draws readers inside their own souls for the work of a lifetime. With daily practices and consciousness explorations through writing prompts and integration exercises, The Art of Soulmaking builds connection and creativity, purpose and fulfillment—the cornerstones of living inside one’s self and one’s true genius. Readers cultivate a deep intimacy with the world of their interior castle—their soul. 

First developed for a women’s prison in California, The Art of Soulmaking became a larger exploration of how we build our own prisons, as well as how we can escape them and arrive at the poet Rumi’s field; out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing, where the soul lies down in the grass. In short, how do we, regardless of external circumstances, remain free inside?

The Art of Soulmaking invites readers to take a revolutionary journey into their own soul and walk the alchemical path to unconditional freedom.  

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