With a wildly courageous act, love out with the love you want.

When you make love by allowing it, you feel its relentless gift. Love unleashed transforms the senses; what you perceive, regardless of conditions, is pure Love.

Stay connected no matter what.

Connection is your universe. Walls cannot separate, clinging cannot hold what is desired. Love regardless of distance, stay open to intimacy.

No rules.

Dislike of messiness keeps us from entering, engaging, and experiencing a loving connection to who we are. To grow, we need permission to make mistakes, to slip, and accept it all unconditionally. Rise one more time than you fall and a revolution in what it means to be a successful human being is yours.

Follow desire.

Beyond your alarms and obligations, speaks a wordless knowing guiding you towards what best serves your soul. Hear its deep, quiet whisper.

Meet your superpower.

Keep desire locked in a prison of shame and guilt, and risk destruction. Bring it forth and find healing. Invite fears of money, sex, and power to a seat at your table. Feed them your passion; turn them from lead into gold.

Open to fullness

Comfort is temporary; fear of losing its narrow range leads to a small life. The point of the pendulum doesn’t fully swing when momentum is blocked. Widen the swing, our range of reception, and discover the joy we’ve been looking for. When we recognize and engage our true vastness in surrender, graciousness becomes our spontaneous response to life.

Know the joy of release.

Inhale and stop, and the body will knock you out in order to empty and breathe again. Reverence for the exhale breathes into life your sacredness, the wide-open realm where what you’ve been grasping for actually lives.

Seek for the spot

Turn off your GPS and let the soul’s map guide you to the soft spot of connection. Finding it takes keen antennae, a meditative faith. Persistence yields the gift of connection when attention that flows from those who are brimming with it to those who are wanting it, bringing both more alive and more to love.

Turn in to the skid

Don’t look away. Don’t slam on the brakes. Don’t try to turn out of the spin. Drive into the wildness of the ride, eyes open, nerves electric, leaving no part of you behind; other than the fear that will cause a crash.