Please, You are Hungry Eat

We ended up at the vegan restaurant
That could double as an internment camp for the beast inside each person’s soul
The women empty eyed and curveless
Over the sex that would give them some love fat to live off of
Talk faster and louder
Attempting to cover the howl of their hungry dog souls
I enter like a big juicy steak
A bounty of breasts pouring over my bra
Nipples rising hard; two antennae in search of the wands out there still charged enough to conduct
The men surreptitiously
Move their attention inside
To the corner of their inner cages
Where they grab for eye morsels of this flesh and feast
Not looking up lest anyone take this food away
It was once suggested to me that I not wear my sex on my sleeve
Walking around dripping like juice from medium rare meat
The women trained to eye chastise
The men attempting to choke- chain-possess
Mouths salivating
Eating only to kill hunger
Kill hunger, kill life
It was suggested that I am an intelligent woman
With important things to say, why flaunt this?
I agree. I do have something important to say,
From down low,
On my knees,
The only place where it could be fed from
You are hungry