About Nicole

Nicole Daedone has spent her groundbreaking career redefining intimacy, relationship and purpose. She is a sought-after speaker, visionary, author and entrepreneur who has helped thousands of individuals lead meaningful and vibrant lives.

Voted one of Vanity Fair’s Twelve Women Who Changed the Way We Look at Sex, Nicole first came to prominence as the innovator of a wellness practice based on connection. After founding and growing a company centered around this practice, she stepped down from leadership to focus on writing and teaching workshops and courses around the world.

Nicole believes that the root of much suffering – especially for women – is rooted in trauma, overt and covert, in the sexual arena. To this end, she has dedicated her life to the power of sexual healing and sexual wellness – especially the role that these play in a woman’s emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. She has been involved in overseeing some of the most cutting-edge neuroscience research in this field, related to the wellness practice she developed and taught for the past 14 years. With the powerful discoveries and implications for its benefits on everything from PTSD, to depression, to empathy, to overall happiness, Nicole enters the arena of healing backed both by science and experience.

Nicole is currently devoting her time and efforts to founding a non-profit organization, The Consciousness, Orgasm, and Healing Labs (COHL) . COHL will focus on healing, as well as flow and consciousness, and is the premier partnered stimulation research lab in the world. It is the only center focused on compassionate and respected rehabilitation for sexual transgressions. Modeled in part on the MIT Media Lab, COHL will include a research center to test the effectiveness of OM and other wellness modalities to treat PTSD, sexual trauma, sexual trangressiveness, stress, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, anorgasmia, ED, and a number of other ailments, to treat patients in both in-patient/resident and outpatient settings for all aspects of health and consciousness for which there is an evidence basis. It will also train people in consciousness practices that can enhance performance even without a medical diagnosis.

A former academic and a voracious scholar, Nicole has studied under master teachers, immersing herself in disciplines ranging from Zen Buddhism to mystical Judaism to semantics. She deeply understands the human psyche and treats supposedly taboo subjects with unparalleled humor, intelligence, and insight. Women and men flock from across the globe to work with Nicole – a highly sought-after opportunity as she is selective with the people and projects she undertakes. She has a true gift for dismantling negative thought patterns and knowing the resonant words to propel her students forward with power and purpose. Nicole brings these benefits not just to individuals and couples, but also to communities, organizations and societies.