Nicole Daedone


July 26, 2023

In Defense of Addiction

By Nicole Daedone

In this radically different view of addiction, In Defense of Addiction reveals a perspective on addiction that is rarely explored in modern day. As an addict herself, Nicole Daedone begins to unravel the distinction between genius and addiction, creativity and destruction. An understanding that leaves the reader with a hunger to touch the fabric of life that threads through addiction and learn how to harness the raw power, hyper focus, and flow of it.

This book is the step-by-step journey to understanding the addictions that expose our humanity: food, sex, substances, people, work. How all of it can be used as fuel to begin to live inside the richness of your soul, to live in the art that is called life. This is a return to you, but a you that does not feel shame. You feel the rightness of your addiction, but it no longer serves you. The result, those behaviors, fall away.

Combined with the most cutting edge science regarding addiction and the things we have learned along the way from experiments like Rat Park, this book weaves together the paradox of addiction and how it is seen in our culture today.

An intimate uncovering of humanity, In Defense of Addiction is a passionate cry that all humans are perfect, and addiction is just one of the forces that polishes the diamond of the soul.

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The Age of Eros is a manifesto, a guide, to the coming of an era. This is a woman’s way.

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The Age of Eros is a manifesto, a guide, to the coming of an era. This is a woman’s way.